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Qbit Technology token (QTT)

QTT (Qbit Technology Token) is a Digital Token representing one single "voice" of the Distributed Digital Organization "Qbit Technology". This token allows its holder:

  • Participate in Trust Score management;

  • Participate in Platform Governance;

  • Manage personal digital hygiene;

  • Setup Buzzer node and become validator for the Qbit Platform (staking QBITs);

  • Participate in voting procedures to consider Qbit Platform initiatives (like Buzzer or Cubix features), future development and growth. Not implemented yet.

NOTICE (1): Every token usage (i.e. voting, trust score management) will be timelocked up to 30 mins. After that period you can use the token freely. 

NOTICE (2): Every token send transaction will lock ANY further token usage for up to 10 days. Exception for the node staking: you can stake just from the T+1 time and no need to wait the maturity period.

QTT Token specification:

  • Name: QTT

  • Description: Qbit Technology Token

  • Scale: 1, minimal unit = 1 QTT (Non Divisible Token)

  • Current supply: 20 000 000 QTT (26/06/2022)

  • Total supply: 2 000 000 000 QTT

  • Emission parts: 100

QTT asset type is created on the Qbit blockchain, and the first part emission (1/100) of total QTT supply was conducted on 26/06/2022. Starting from this date, we will emit 1/100 of the planned QTT total supply every week (first week - 20 million, 2nd - another 20 million, 3rd - another 20 million).

QTT Emission.png
QTT Supply diagram.png

If you are interested in participating in Qbit Technology partnership, please contact directly in Buzzer app through secret chat to the @Buzzer. To do so - use "Quick help" and click on @Buzzer link inside or go to the Conversations tab and start search @Buzzer, than choose in drop-down menu item @Buzzer.

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