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Realtime feeds

Buzzer personal and global feeds of new buzzes, replies, rebuzzes works in realtime manner. You'll receive updates from your community members just in time as it happens.

Buzzes are ordered according to the Trust Score model of each member in a 5 minute time-frame. But 5 minutes time-frames are ordered strictly chronologically. There is no room left to feed manipulation - your client application works with at least two nearest nodes at the same time and it should receive the same updates from these nodes (we call this technique "soft commit"). More over, to be absolutely convenient that the content is legit, your Buzzer application conduct signature checks for all items that comes from the nodes.

Realtime feeds

Intuitive user interface

Buzzer users' interface based on industry standard in social media applications - Twitter & Telegram. Millions of users worldwide are using mentioned applications every day. So, we decided to adopt best practices and add more unique options to build useful application. Simple and understandable UI allow you to make just-in-place actions:

  • write a buzz (micro-blog) with attached media

  • make rebuzz with comments of instantly just from your current feed

  • make reply on buzz in your feed (global feed or sub thread)

  • like buzz or reply in your feed/global feed

  • make tip or donation to buzzer of exact buzz

  • make endorsement or mistrust of exact buzzer

  • subscribe/unsibscribe from buzzer just from dropdown buzz menu 


Personal events and notifications

Personal events and notifications like personal & global feeds works in realtime mode. Every single event about action taken by member (whether you have subscription or you are the follower) get into your events feed and immediately will be delivered to your device. As for the buzzes, events also has implemented "soft commit" scheme. And every event will pass signature checks before it displayed to you.


Secret chat with end-to-end encryption

Buzzer chat main feature is strong encryption of all content - text, media. More over, all correspondence between you and your contact is encrypted by default. Encryption uses AES algorithm with 256 bit secret key. This secret key is not stored anywhere and not transferred between you and your counterpart - this key is calculated every time by both sides. That is why our encryption scheme has almost ultimate degree of safety. There is no option to guess the secret 256 bit key. To do that you need to conduct a search through 1,16×10⁷⁷ keys. This number is approximately equals to the number of atoms in the Universe - 1×10⁷⁸. That's practically impossible. So, just enjoy safe instant messaging with Buzzer.


Wallet management

Buzzer tightly bound to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency usage. Almost all actions you make within Buzzer consumes little amount of QBIT coins. And to manage QBIT balance and inspect actions log (sent/received QBIT coins, various linked or "fee" transactions) we have implemented cryptocurrency wallet. Using the wallet you can:

  • view your current balance and all transaction log (including transaction details i.e.: hash, amount, fees, type, linked type, etc.)

  • prepare invoice to receive QBIT coins (through special QR-code, which can be scanned by sender)

  • send QBIT coins to the buzzer name or buzzer address with fee management


Decentralized user data storage

Buzzer first of all is Decentralized Application or DApp built on blockchain technology. This DApp deployed on many nodes in the Internet. This nodes are owned and operated by the community members. Each node communicate with the others and synchronizing its own state - download all published data by users. Thus, once you publish buzz, this buzz will be replicated on many nodes in the network and this data chunk will never be removed from the network. Network itself guaranteed, that the published, replicated and stored data on multiple nodes will be available to the people.

Data storage

Decentralized media storage

Buzzer is the common name for groups of Decentralized Applications (DApps). Buzzer itself - microblogging platform and Cubix - decentralized media distribution and storage platform. Any media file you attached to the buzz or sent through secret chat (of course this media file will be encrypted before sending to the network) will be pushed and replicated to the many nodes, which supports this type of DApp - Cubix. Cubix also guaranteed, that the published media will never be removed from the network and will be available to the users.

Media storage

Network management

Buzzer application have tool to see how many connection are established to the network, tool to observe overall network (nodes, fullnodes). Also there is an option to add node manually (in case if your application does not see any nodes and\or there is no available synchronized nodes exists).

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