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Trust Score management

Each @buzzer (posting source) has its Trust Score (TS), which is visible on the 'Personal feed' screen. TS is a single essential attribute that directly has influence on buzzer’s behavior. Every buzzer is created with initial TS = 1.5. That means that buzzer has a credit of confidence from up to 5 virtual voters (single step is 0.1). When TS >= 1.0 buzzer can make posts, write replies, make rebuzzes and so on. But if TS becomes less than 1.0 (someone or several members from the community made “mistrust” actions) - all future activity from this buzzer will be suspended and he/she needs someone to make an "endorsement" to his/her buzzer. So, TS is defined as follows: 


where E - all endorse txs for given buzzer, M - all mistrust txs.

Each single endorse\mistrust - that is a special transaction type (TX_BUSSER_ENDORSE, TX_BUZZER_MISTRUST). And each transaction of mentioned types has a value, that is corresponding to the QTT amount locked within. Thus, every endorsement or mistrust consumes or locks your QTT tokens, but on a temporary terms. Locked amount - amount of endorse or mistrust transaction - can be available to use by initiator after the lock period expires (by default - 30 minutes). Before that - amount, which is used to endorse or mistrust, will be unavailable to any actions and will be temporarily excluded from available amount to use.

Endorse\mistrust action have value 0.1 QTT. And you have only one endorse and one mistrust action concerning given buzzer. In other words, for example, you can only once make an endorsement of given buzzer.

Messages from an account marked as Mistrusted will no longer be visible to you in the feeds (this action is visible to other users).

If necessary, you can completely Block the user's account. All content of the blocked user (including posts, replies, messages) will no longer be visible to you (in global, home feeds and chats). This action is not visible to other users and it does not change the Trust Score.

Each buzzer has Trust Score indication on every item where buzzer's avatar is present.

Screenshot from 2020-11-23

Color ring around avatar is the indicator of current buzzer's TS value or fixed TS value corresponding to given buzz, rebuzz, reply in moment of item creation.

The color legend is:

 < 1.0









1.9 >

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