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Decentralize control

Recently, we have seen the battle for control and opposition to censorship reach the highest levels of government. Key industry players use censorship to fulfill the will of the centralized authority.


These problems include but not limited to:

  • Centralization of authority

  • Monetization of users without consent

  • Censorship

  • User data compromised

  • Intrusion of user privacy

  • Limited rights for users

  • Lack of trust in social platforms

  • External threats to platforms

  • Political bias of central authority

  • High risk of user restriction

  • Hostile takeover of centralized authority

  • Data security


It is important to use Technology to address the shortcomings of social media platforms, including those clearly created by companies that benefit from this growing industry. And we can:

  • To build a platform, based on decentralization principles of ownership and governing.

  • To build a technology, that guaranteed that there is no option to get one-men control.

  • To build a network, that can operate in potentially untrusted environment, but in the same time have highest possible security level.


Secure your data

User data security in a broad sense - is a crucial part of social network. Centralized governance and authority sometimes pushing service owners and administration to act in gray zone of public service rules. Users content can be blocked or even removed from platform without any fair explanations. Such absolute power on the other hand can be very destructive for itself: dozens hacks of centralized social media platforms has a very high price as for owners and community. 


And only technology can help solve those flaws. And we can:

  • Build a social network platform, which secures user data on irreversible manner;

  • Build a platform, that gives every single community member the right to influence on overall community policy;

  • Establish safe and secured personal communications between community members without involving third party.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress. The ability to express our opinion and speak freely is essential to bring about change in society. Free speech is not only about ability to speak but the ability to listen to others and allow other views to be heard. And with such freedom personal responsibility comes. Responsibility for words that was said and possible consequences.

And technology should helps with this. In particular:

  • To build platform, that gives equal rights to all community members.

  • To build tools, which guarantee community consensus implementation according to the common policy.

  • To develop the technology that will not allow any unilateral change of rules in any way.

Free speach
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