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Qbit Technology

“Qbit Technology” is a Decentralized Digital Organization (DDO) without a legal entity. Qbit Technology founded by a group of individuals or "Team". This team developed Qbit Blockchain Platform, Buzzer and Cubix DApps. 

We see very clear, that only "the Technology" will helps us to achieve digital equality and fairness. That's why we started this journey.

Primary goals of our initiative are: 

  • Most importantly is to create a unique set of applications that allows people to establish self-sufficient and sustainable social digital communities. 

  • Provide tools to allow the community to take control of the rules and infrastructure for digital information exchange. 

  • To create a decentralized platform that is resistant to external censorship and the imposition of external regulatory rules. 

  • To create tools and conditions to facilitate and support the development of individual digital entrepreneurship.

Qbit Team

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