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What is Buzzer?

Buzzer is a decentralized and independent microblogging platform. Decentralized means that Buzzer is not owned by any corporation or person and there is no dedicated data center. Buzzer belongs to the people, just like you. Here you are free to share your thoughts, moments, memories, information, news. There is a place to earn with your creativity and writer skills. There is no direct, indirect or hidden censorship. It is about the community and your good relationships. Buzzer is freedom.

What is
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Underlying technology

Buzzer is built on the Qbit blockchain and works directly with the Qbit network. To interact with network you need Qbit key pair (public & secret keys). Public Qbit key - is the only identity in the Buzzer network. No e-mails, cell phone numbers or other personalized entities. Also public Qbit key - is your personal Qbit address used, for example, to receive QBIT coins (platform cryptocurrency). Private or secret Qbit key - this is your unique key, used for signing your transactions i.e. send buzz, make like or reply and send QBIT coins to the other buzzers on the Buzzer social network platform.

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Buzzer App is now available on Android 6.0 - 12.x (Google Play or APK) and as a Desktop application for Ubuntu 18.x-22.x,Windows 7-11 or macOS.

Also Buzzer and Cubix (decentralized applications) are available as modules in qbit daemon and qbit-cli binary executables on Ubuntu 16.x - 20.x. Qbit daemon allows you to setup fullnode, node and/or QBIT miner on Linux.

iOS version may be available in the future.

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